Marriage Therapists Talk about Some Strange Fights They've Had to Mediate

Family therapist and unhappy couple

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Have you ever gotten into a serious fight with a significant other? If it was big enough to lead to a breakup, then it was probably over something pretty serious.

But what if it wasn't that serious?

What if it was just kind of...weird?

It's those kinds of fights that the marriage therapists talk about with the Huffington Post.

Some of them are pretty simple arguments that almost everyone has gone through such as a woman blaming her husband because she had a recurring dream about him cheating on her. Ok, maybe that's not super relatable, but something I've gone through, but whatever.

If that wasn't relatable, then maybe a couple of pet lovers is more your speed. One therapist said that a couple almost divorced over their cat. The husband would give their cat some treats because he liked the bonding that came with it. The wife did not want him doing this because it wasn't good for the cat's health. This went argument went so far that the couple almost got a divorce over it.

Luckily, the therapist was able to help them saying, "I suggested they agree upon a limited number of treats per day, and that he would be the one to give treats and she would feed the cat," she continued, "This seemed to solve the problem".

See? Even little things could use a little mediation.

To hear more of this and Mark Thompson's view on the article, listen below!

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