LADWP Worker Fatally Beaten By Homeless Attacker Downtown LA

Police have put out surveillance pictures of a man who fatally beat an LADWP worker in downtown LA on the 400 block of E. Temple Street. The DWP’s Joe Ramalo says the attacker clothes-lined the 70-year-old on his way home from work last week causing him to hit his head on the concrete.

"There was no altercation or argument at all. He was completely caught unaware and hit violently and dropped to the ground," Joe Ramalo told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck.

The victim, Julius Rondez, was transported to the hospital with multiple injuries later resulting in death.

In a statement released last month the LADWP said "Managers and colleagues met with his family at the hospital and have been with them throughout the day today and they have expressed concern and support on behalf of our entire LADWP family."

The man had worked for the company over 30 years. He died one day after the attack.

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