Florida Man Arrested After Lighting Firecrackers Under Sleeping Child

Photo: Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man may have thought it was funny to light off a string of firecrackers next to a sleeping child, but the joke has instead landed him in jail... Matthew Morrison now faces several charges including child cruelty for Saturday's incident, which he claims was just a 'prank gone wrong'.

The child told deputies "it scared her to the point she was crying and shaking."

"The little girl told deputies she woke up to the sound of fireworks exploding in her room, causing her to be frightened, cry, and shake," the sheriff's office wrote.

According to police, the 44-year-old, who lived in a tent outside the family's home, came inside and tossed the incendiary device under the 9-year-old girl's bed, leaving her unhurt but "terrified." Morrison was then chased by the father with a stick.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office also happened to find two grams of methamphetamine while taking Morrison into custody. According to jail records, he was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, burglary, and child cruelty without great harm.

Read the full report on Fox35.

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