DSP - Quick and Dirty Earthquake Survival Tips

Earlier this week, Southern California experienced two pretty sizable earthquakes.

The first one was a 6.4 and the second was a 7.1.

Now, KFI has already talked about what you should do during an earthquake here and here.

But this second earthquake has given Bryan Suits the idea to give out a bunch of advice on how to survive not just an earthquake, but also the aftermath.

The very basic tips are that you should go to a grocery store and buy a bunch of cans of black beans and some big jugs of water. You should have enough to provide you and whoever you're with for 10 days. You should also store these things in a cool place, outside the sun, on the ground. This will stop them from falling from higher places during the earthquake.

For a more comprehensive overview of what you need to know, watch the above video. Also, check out the Featured Segment below where Suits paints a picture of life in a major city after an earthquake and gives you extra tips on what you need and the mentality you should have.

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