DSP - Iran Warns UK of Retaliation after the Seizure of an Oil Tanker

Earlier this week, Britain's Navy seized an Iranian oil tanker.

Since then, Iran has claimed that this action is a form of piracy and has threatened retaliation.

Iran's Expediency Council secretary, Mohsen Rezaee has said, "If the U.K. doesn't return the Iranian tanker, the duty of the responsible authorities is to seize an English tanker".

This seizure has come during heightened tensions between the United States and Iran after President Donald Trump walked away from 2015's nuclear deal.

The Washington Post reports that "European powers" have attempted to stay neutral throughout this ordeal, but things are still heating up.

Ali Vaez from the International Crisis Group says, "At a time when Iran expected Europe to help keep its economy afloat, the timing couldn't be worse. It will be hard for Iran to resist retaliation. We are reaching a stage where the Iranians feel they have to impose a cost on hostile policies toward them, be it by the U.S. through sanctions or by allies who are enforcing the sanctions".

A Spanish official has said that the seizure of the tanker was on the order of the United States, but Britain has denied these allegations.

Iran admits that the tanker was carrying oil to Syria, but it was for "humanitarian" purposes.

Iran's Fars news agency says, "Since Iran's tanker was carrying fuel and oil to Syrian people for solely humanitarian purposes, the measure taken by the British government is not only illegal, but also inhumane".

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