What You Need to Know for a Big Earthquake


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Earlier, a 6.4 earthquake hit Ridgecrest, leading a lot of people to ask what happens when "The Big One" hits?

It's time to prepare for the worst.

The first thing that you need is water. People can only survive a few hours without water, so getting jugs of bottled water will save your life. Also, when you feel the big earthquake, immediately go to your bathtub and fill it up with cold and hot water. When you need extra water, you can take some from there. If you're worried about the quality of the water, then you should have more a butane torch to boil the water.

Food is also important. It turns out, black beans are a great thing to keep on hand. They come in cans so you can hold on to them for a while and are great for you.

If you have money, that is completely worthless during an emergency. When things start falling apart, find some stuff that you can trade. Food and water suddenly become bargaining tools. Metals such as silver and gold are also usually good to have on hand for trade.

For more explanations on what you need, listen to Bryan Suits below!

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