San Clemente Homeless Camps Are In Unusable Conditions

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Well there's a lawsuit against San Clemente.

No, it's not the residents.

It's San Clemente vs. the homeless people.

Attorneys representing the homeless people want the judge in a South Orange County federal lawsuit to shut down the new outdoor shelter in the city that was meant to move the homeless from campsites in North Beach.

After countless complaints from the residents, city officials of San Clemente built an emergency homeless shelter for the homeless.

According to the court documents, the site in unusable, dirty, and completely unlivable.

The site is overcrowded, does not offer proper shade or water, does not offer adequate cleaning materials and is difficult for people disabled people to move.

“Under threat of arrest, the city forced unhoused people to move to a barren piece of land previously found unfit for human or animal habitation,” argue lawyers for the homeless plaintiffs who filed the Housing is a Human Right lawsuit against the county, San Clemente.

“The site should be closed.”

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