Joyce Mckinney, Alleged Killer of a Holocaust Survivor, On The Streets

We hate to be these people.

But we think you should know who this lady is.

Joyce Mckinney, is the alleged killer of a Holocaust survivor in a hit-and-run.

Luckily, she was just arrested.

However, there's more to Mckinney's story.

She's been arrested before for raping and holding a boyfriend hostage for three years and NOW she's a homeless person living in the streets of the San Fernando Valley.

A loyal John and Ken listener sent us these photos of Mckinney outside her truck.

This is her in the PUBLIC with no care in the world going to the restroom.

She's insane.

For more on her arrest, please read here.

See below a more X-rated picture of the incident a listener experienced with Mckinney.

To hear John and Ken explain her twisted past, listen below!

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