Portland Journalist Explains The Antifa/Right Wing Protest Attack

A journalist in Portland was attacked last Saturday during an argument between right-wing protesters and a group of anti-fascists. According to journalist Andy Ngo, the Antifa members attacked him for speaking out at the protest.

"As a journalist I've written critically about Antifa's criminal activities in the city and for that I've been threatened and intimidated and doxed multiple times all of which have been reported to police and as far as I know no action has been taken," Ngo said.

Only a few people caught the incident on video.

"The hits kept coming from all different directions and just when I thought it was done, it wasn't," Ngo said.

The attack left Ngo with a bruised and bloody face, and he immediately was taken to the hospital. Ngo has since hired San Francisco First Amendment attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

"He has every right as a citizen and as a journalist to exercise his First Amendment right to report and to comment freedom of the press and not be assaulted," Dhillon said.

Andy Ngo joined the John and Ken Show to discuss the incident and what he plans to do moving forward. Take a listen to their conversation below:

So far, three suspects have been arrested. According to ABC7, the Portland Police Bureau are continuing their investigation.

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