Transient Attack In Portland Caught On Camera

A man in Portland has already been released from jail after he allegedly attacked a woman in an alley. But here's the catch, it was all caught on surveillance video...

The incident happened in Ankeny Alley, near the Voodoo Donuts in Portland.

The man seen on video, 25-year-old Daniel Betrand, punched the random woman twice before walking away. According to KGW News, the woman is now recovering from a concussion as well as a broken eye socket.

And according to court documents, Bertrand is a transient and has 18 different misdemeanor charges! A judge even recently claimed him to be 'mentally ill'.

Bertrand was released (after this most recent incident), and has once again pleaded not guilty. His next hearing is August 2. Will justice ever be served?

Check out The Oregonian for the full story.

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