Special Needs Son Elbow Broken and Dislocated by Teacher's Aide, Mom Says

A mother is outraged after her 12-year-old son was recently admitted to the ER after suffering facial abrasions and a broken elbow due to a teachers aide, allegedly. Christine Dupaquier whose son, Evan, attends Dorothy Gibson High School in Ontario was shocked when she received a phone call from the high school informing her that her special needs child was injured. After speaking with doctors, Dupaquier learned that her sons arm had been badly broken and dislocated.

"She said this is a bad break and it was from one side of the elbow to completely the other side of the elbow - straight across," Dupaquier said referring to their doctor.

Evan relayed the story to his mother, telling her that he had gotten into an altercation with a classmate that turned violent. Upon backing away from the situation, Evan was met with a teachers aid who "came from behind, didn't identify himself or anything, just put his arm behind his back twisted it took him to the ground with his full body weight."

The 12-year-old also claims that the aide "put his elbow on Evan's face with pressure forcing him into saying sorry. He asked him to say sorry four times as Evan was crying for help." Dupaquier states that she was not informed her sons injuries were due to the aide.

The San Bernardino County Office of Education who runs the special needs school has told ABC News that they are investigating the situation.

Dupaquier has hired a personal injury lawyer and her son is currently home recovering from the surgery.

"He is realizing he is not going to be able to do a lot this summer and I think that is really hard on him," Dupaquier said.

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