Fremont Boy Creates App to Detect Child Abuse

A 12-year-old Fremont boy has built an app that uses sound waves to detect every time a child experiences abuse.

Aryan Mangal spent six months making that apps that works by monitoring noise above 80 decibels or if any profanity is used.

This would then send the recording to family members, letting them know of any possible mistreatment the child may be facing.

"Basically, I found that sound waves are created when somebody screams at someone. So I used this and started to detect that and then recording that. Using those recordings it would send it to parents, or law enforcement and they would stop the child abuse."

Aryan says the idea stemmed from a visit to India where he saw the way parents would scream and hit their children at restaurants.

Read more about Aryan and his app, Artemis, HERE

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