SHLS - The Baskin-Robbins in Burbank Will Open a 'Stranger Things' Pop-Up

Netflix's "Stranger Things" Season 3 Fun Fair

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Do you have "Stranger Things" fever?

If you don't even know what "Stranger Things" is, it's a television show on Netflix that takes great inspiration from some of the classic movies from the 80s, specifically the ones made by Steven Spielberg. The new season is set to release on July 4.

If this doesn't appeal to you, maybe some ice cream will.

On July 2, one of the Baskin-Robbins in Burbank will transform into Hawkins, Indiana (the location of "Stranger Things").

The Orange County Register reports that Baskin-Robbins has already been featuring flavors based on the series such as Upside Down Pralines, Elevenade Freeze, and Eleven's Heaven.

So how good does this sound? Listen to Bryan Suits talk about it below!

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