What Is Up With This Weird Subway Ad?

Subway Sandwich Chain Planning 500 New Stores By 2020

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Subway is a fast food restaurant that offers quick sandwiches.

So, why is this one of their commercials?

The video is like a weird indie-film.

It begins with the birth of a child.

The viewer sees the child grow up and live through different life events including hanging out with friends, falling in love, and getting his heart broken. My personal favorite part is when his girlfriend cheats on him and he's so depressed, he shaves his head and shouts at his mother.

It's beautifully shot and a gripping story.

Things get really gripping when the movie reaches its climax: The man appears to move out of his parents house, and then orders something at Subway.

Wait, what?!

This was just one big commercial for Subway?

Other people were just as confused.

So why was this commercial made for Subway? The world may never know

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