Fire Chiefs Expect Fires to Burn Thousands of Acres This Summer

Fire chiefs from around Southern California have offered up a look at what they expect from this year's fire season. LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby says the wet winter and cooler spring has led to the growth of a lot of vegetation.

"Once again, like last year, this summer we're expecting a hotter than normal summer and those grasses will begin to dry."

Osby says he is expecting fires between 1500 and 5000 acres to start breaking out in late August and September and continue through the fall as the Santa Ana winds pick up.

The fire chiefs are asking people to clear out plants around their homes to help stop fire as it approaches neighborhoods. 

Ventura County fire chief Mark Lorenzen says that people need to be ready to evacuate their homes if the orders come down.

"I'm not here to proclaim that the sky is falling. Instead I'm here to tell you that it will."

In addition, OCFA Brian Fennessy says he toured the OC/LA county line from the air and was disappointed in the number of properties that hadn’t built defensible space.

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