The Streets of San Francisco Are Being Compared to the Slums of Mexico City

San Francisco Skyline in Pink and Blue Skies

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Our once beautiful west coast has become home to some of the most filthiest cities in the world.

San Francisco and Los Angeles both have a homeless population that has surged, leading to trash and drug usage on the street.

The Economic Collapse Blog reports that a UN official visited San Francisco and she was absolutely horrified by what she witnessed.

She even went on to claim that the conditions were comparable to "slums of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jakarta, and Manila".

So how did we get here?

The city of San Francisco did this to themselves by not cracking down on the homeless population.

When the government doesn't do anything about drug usage on the streets, it leads to "an outdoor market of sorts, selling heroin, crack cocaine, and amphetamines along the sidewalks".

Where there's a rise in drug usage and trade, property crime comes with it.

More and more people are breaking into cars, harassing people on the streets, and are intoxicated publicly.

The homeless population in San Francisco has risen by 17% while it's risen by 16% in Los Angeles, meaning the major Southern California city isn't doing much better and we're seeing many of the same problems.

If we want to bring back the beauty of these two cities, we need to crack down on the homeless population and take control again.

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