#TechTalk: 10 Apps You Need Before You Travel This Summer

So, it's summer and you wanna get out of town, but you just don't know where to start.

Highway traffic.

Plane tickets.

Money conversions.

Communication issues.

There's just so many things to consider!

Wouldn't you know it, @Marc_Saltzman already did the research for us.

Here's 10 apps to consider downloading before you head out for your summer vacation:

  • TripIt - for organizing your confirmation emails
  • Roadtrippers - for roadside discoveries
  • Waze - for getting around the streets quickly
  • GasBuddy - it'll find all of the lowest gas prices around
  • Yelp - for knowing if a place is good or not
  • Google Translate - for communicating with people anywhere
  • Netflix & Amazon Prime - for entertainment while you're getting there
  • XE Currency - for knowing conversion rates
  • Office Lens - for basically scanning loose papers

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