Retirement Planning 101

Learn about Social Security, income tax planning, and other issues that can affect your retirement at a free financial seminar designed specifically for people in retirement, or nearing retirement. You’ll also learn about our Invest and Protect investment strategy—the same one that told our clients to get out of the market during the 2008 crash.

There’s no charge and no obligation—just lots of good information.

In this retirement and financial seminar, you’ll learn:

- How to combat what we believe are the three worst enemies you have to your financial well-being: bear markets, inflation and taxes.

- Help select a retirement plan option that is right for you.

- Plan your retirement income to help preserve a comfortable standard of living.

- Learn about the investments we believe are best to fight inflation with.

- Find out how to determine when to take your social security benefits.

We want you to have the retirement you deserve! Sign up for a free financial seminar to start your path to financial peace of mind.

Our meetings are designed for people over 50 with a minimum of $100,000 of investable assets, not including your home or real estate.

If you don’t see a retirement seminar near you, we’d love to meet with you in one of our offices or by phone.

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