66% of American Employees Regret their College Degrees

Mortar and Degree

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A new survey from PayScale has announced that up to 66% of American employees regret some aspects of their higher education experience.

Breitbart reports that two of the biggest regrets employees have are their student loans with 27% of respondents saying they feel some regret and their majors with 12% of respondents expressing regret.

Not making the right connections was also a fairly high issue with 11% of respondents regretting their decisions.

Older Americans expressed less regret about their college experience than their younger counterparts.

However, that was not the only variation in the survey.

Respondents in majors with high-earning jobs such as engineering had groups of people with fewer regrets.

PayScale reports, "Humanities majors, on the other hand, had the largest percentage of respondents that had some type of college regret".

In regards to student loans, the survey said what most people already knew.

PayScale says, "The burden of student loans is a plight shared by every group in this research but the degree of student loan regret changes throughout these data cuts. Those who are younger, majored in lower-earning fields or attended private universities tended to regret their student loans the most".

Politicians such as presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have already used this issue to try and garner votes and support from young voters who regret the loans they took out.

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