University Accused of Abusive Animal Research

Rat Cages for Animal Research

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - An organization critical of animal experimentation is suing USC over alleged abuse of animals in the institution's research.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now alleges that documents it obtained show USC routinely violates its mandatory research protocols as well as applicable animal welfare laws and regulations.

``USC claims it achieves the highest ethical standards in its research ... but privately, USC has a pattern and practice of subjecting animals to needless suffering and unnecessary cruelty,'' according to the suit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

A USC representative issued a statement Tuesday regarding the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages and an order enjoining further alleged misconduct involving animals.

``We have received the complaint and are looking into the allegations,'' the statement read. ``USC meets or exceeds all accrediting and regulatory standards. USC is highly committed to the ethical and humane treatment of animals in research.''

According to the suit, USC researchers killed baby animals by placing them in a carcass-disposal freezer while still alive, performed unauthorized surgeries and injections on animals, withheld post-operative care and failed to euthanize in a timely manner animals languishing with ulcerated tumors.

``These practices find no refuge under the guise of research, nor does the banner of science provide a free pass for all manner of abuse,'' the suit states.

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