#TastyTuesday: Your 12 Annoying Shopping Habits

Don't lie.

You know that you do at least one of these things.

Even @ForkReporter has been found guilty of a few of them.

Guilty of what, you ask?

The 12 annoying habits that you have while you're shopping for groceries...

  1. Eating - It's not a restaurant. It's a store.
  2. Blocking the aisle - Just keep your cart to the side. You're not the only one around.
  3. Not putting items away - It's not the employees' job to clean up after your indecisiveness.
  4. Not putting away perishable items - If you're not gonna pay for it, don't make the store pay for it.
  5. Cutting in line - If people let you go before them, then great. But don't squeeze your way into a crowd.
  6. Having too many items in the express lane - Count. Your. Items. It. Isn't. Hard.
  7. Running back for one more thing - You forgot it. Own it. Get out of line, get the item, then come back.
  8. Leaving your cart anywhere - Their job is to bring the carts in. Not herd them together. Just use the areas they provide.
  9. Letting your kids run wild - The other people in the store didn't sign up for your kids, so don't make them deal with them.
  10. Talking on the phone during checkout - Be polite and say hello. Plus you can catch mistakes.
  11. Wearing your headphones - You just aren't aware of your surroundings and the people nearby.
  12. Looking in people's carts - Just let them shop in peace.

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