Meet The Woman That Says You Should 'Move To Texas From California!'

Marie Bailey is a real estate agent, mother, and the creator of the "Move to Texas from California!" Facebook page.

"This group is to support anyone who is interested in relocating to Texas," the page reads. "You can still have the American dream in an area that has lower cost of living."

Marie moved to Texas with her family in July 2017 after they sold their 1,500-square-foot home in Orange County for $800,000. With that same money, they were able to build a 4,890-square-foot home in Prosper, Texas.

“Everyone in California is nervous about taxes and prices,” Marie said. “We became much more calm when we came here. You are in a constant rat race in California to afford it.”

Marie Bailey will join the John and Ken Show on Tuesday afternoon to talk more about her move to Texas, as well as the controversy surrounding her "Move to Texas from California!" Facebook page.

“These people are going to move here either way,” she said. “I’m not convincing them to come here. I’m just helping them be smart about it.”

Read more on The Dallas Morning News.

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