Team Manager Supports More Nets After Fan Hit

Diamondbacks v Dodgers

After another young fan was hit by a foul ball at the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockets over the weekend, manager Dave Roberts says he's all for discussions to install additional netting to protect fans sitting on the right and left baselines.

"I think that definitely, you know, talks like that need to intensify and for me, as we talk about getting ahead of things, I don't see anything with that idea," said Roberts.

Last month, a four-year-old girl was hit by a foul ball at a Cubs-Astros game while she was sitting close to the baseline. Another fan died last year after she was struck by a foul ball.

The Washington Nationals are one of the first teams who say they plan on adding netting that would protect fans sitting down the left and right field lines. The netting is set to be constructed during the All-Star break, making it the first of its kind in Major League Baseball.

Photo: Getty Images

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