SHLS - A Fight at a Golf Course Leads to 5 Dead in Santa Maria

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A fight at a "pitch-and-putt" golf course has led to a shooting, a fire, and five people dead.

It all started with a feud between three people.

Keith Castro, someone who has apparently known about these people, stated, "These three guys were threatening each other for a long time".

CBS reports that this eventually led to an unidentified person shooting and killing 70-year-old Kurt Bracke and 78-year-old Richard Hanen.

The gunman allegedly went to his mobile home where there was an explosion which led to a fire. As officials tried to control the situation, things got really dangerous because there was ammunition popping off in the fire.

Police Chief Phil Hansen stated, "All throughout the firefighting efforts, ammunition was cooking off".

Three bodies have been found in the rubble which brings the overall body count to five.

After the events, Council Member Gloria Soto took to Twitter:

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