DSP - Bryan Talks to Nicholas Moran aka "The Chieftain"

If you like video games, or have been on Youtube, you've probably heard of this little game called "World of Tanks".

But have you ever thought about where the creators of the game, Wargaming.net, get all of their information?

Enter Nicholas Moran aka "The Chieftain". He's a historian at Wargaming and works specifically on "World of Tanks". He has a really cool job in which he messes around in tanks and advises the game developers historically.

He also has his own Youtube channel in which he talks about history and tanks. He even gets his hands on a lot of the tanks he's talking about, which means you get an inside look at these machines and see how they work.

So how does one get this kind of job? Listen to Bryan Suits talk to him below!

For that promo code he was talking about, check out the Tweet below!

To hear more from Nicholas Moran, check out his Twitter!

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