The Push for a Safe Injection Site Bill Has Been Postponed to 2020

hypodermic needle with yellow liquid

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So, to begin, what is a safe injection site?

It's pretty simple. A safe injection site is a place set up by a city that would allow people to use illegal drugs without being arrested. These facilities are also monitored to help in cases of overdoses. There are sites like these in other countries but there are no operating ones in the United States.

San Francisco wanted to change that with A.B. 362. The bill would allow safe injection sites in the city.

The bill was originally vetoed by former Governor Jerry Brown, but reports that Gavin Newsom has said that he would "be open to the idea".

In May, the bill passed the Assembly with a 44-26 vote. Now, the bill is grounded in the Senate. The bill's authors cancelled a hearing in the Senate because they thought they didn't have enough support to get it through. They are now pushing it to 2020 in order to gain the support needed.

If it does pass in the Senate, it still needs to be approved by the federal government.

Listen to John and Ken talk about it below!

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