#TechTalk: How YouTube Is Adding Augmented Reality To Its Videos

Augmented Reality (AR).

What is it?

Basically, it is technology that lays virtual components on top of reality, thus augmenting it.

You've seen it in video games and apps for years.

Now it's coming to YouTube!

AR Beauty Try-On is a new YouTube tool that allows users to test out makeup while watching a makeup tutorial video.

It really is quite simple.

After starting up a video with AR Beauty Try-On, the video goes into a split-screen display with the tutorial on the top half of the screen and the real-time video of the user on the bottom. The tool uses the front-facing camera so the user can see their own face on the screen. Then they are given the option of swiping through multiple makeup shades, seeing how each one looks on their skin.

The tool is still in alpha testing, but according to USA Today, about a third of people are choosing to use it and those people are spending about 80 seconds using the tool.

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