#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

Well, we're back at it.

Some scheduling issues last week graced us with a break from this American atrocity, but today we bear our cross yet again, bringing you the latest on the worst show in the history of shows.

Hey, guys.

You suck.

(Not you "guys" that are reading this. You're fine. You must be masochists, because I honestly don't know why you'd intentionally subject yourself to this filth, but you don't suck. I'm talking about all of the guys on the show.)

With every single episode, you are literally showing the world exactly why we all hate this show.

You aren't in it for love.

You're in it to win.

You act like you care about Hannah, but you constantly pay more attention to stupid Luke P. and his idiocy.

So, good on ya, Hannah!

Way to tell them how much they suck and how they're acting like a bunch of children!

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