The Recall For Mayor Garcetti Has Finally Started

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It only took long enough, but Los Angeles residents are working together to recall none other than Mayor Eric Garcetti.

What's the reason?

Well the different possibilities are endless.

Specifically though, these group of residents are upset over the increase in the city's homeless population.

Why wouldn't they be though?

Just this month the news came out the homelessness has increased in Los Angeles by 16%.

The leader of this recall effort is Alexandra Datig and she needs nearly 315,000 registered Los Angeles voters to sign n her petition in order for the effort to be certified.

Datig has put together a website filled with news clip, audio bites and more highlighting the homeless crisis in the city. In detail, she goes over why she believes there's no option left rather than recalling Eric Garcetti.

You don't have to ask John and Ken how they feel about this. For years, they've wanted Mayor Yoga Pants out of office and this finally might the fight pushed in the right direction.

What did Garcetti think?

That his beloved Angelenos were going to continue to let their city be take over by the homeless? Think again, people are finally starting to fight back.

If you're interested in signing the petition to recall Eric Garcetti, click here.

To read more on the specifics of the recall, you can check it out here.

Listen to John and Ken's conversation with Alexandra Datig, the leader of the recall effort, below:

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