Attorney Representing The Family Shot In Corona Costco Shooting Speaks Out

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There's been a lot of conflicting views emerging in the last few days on the details about the Corona Costco shooting that happened last Friday night.

The attorney for the family believes that the death of the unarmed, mentally disabled man and the wounding of his parents was "unjustified".

According to Attorney Dale Galipo has come forward and said the recall of the incident by the officer's attorney is a complete "exaggeration."

32-year-old Kenneth French, who was shot during Friday night's encounter, made some kind of strike towards the officer who was holding his 18-month son, Galipo confirmed.

However, French died from the gun shot wounds.

Despite the fact that French did attempt to strike the officer, Galipo believes "that is no justification to kill someone,” he said.

But the attorney representing the officer has come forward and said that the officer was briefly knocked unconscious by French.

The reports from both lawyers are very conflicting.

So John and Ken had to hear both sides.

Today, they spoke with Attorney Dale Galipo to get his side of the story.

The day before, they spoke with Attorney David Winslow. You can hear that conversation here.

For more information, please read here.

Listen to John and Ken's conversation below with Dale Galipo:

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