#TastyTuesday: Happy Birthday, Bob's Big Boy Burbank!

"Mmmmm, Bob's Big Boy."


Neil has been saying that since he first crawled to Bob's Big Boy when he was but 7 months old.

(That's what legend says at least...)

He's been driving himself to the restaurant for many years, but his reaction is always the same.

When it comes down to it Bob's Big Boy just knows what they're doing.

The Burbank location may be the most famous and it is 70 years old!

Happy birthday, Bob's Big Boy Burbank!!!

(The chain way older than that, so don't you message us stuff about the restaurant being older. We know.)

In celebration, the Riverside Boulevard is offering their Hot Fudge Cake (that's normally $5.49) for just 70 cents!

The offer is only valid between June 17 and June 27, so get down there while supplies last!

Read the full story at NBC Los Angeles

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