Robert Fox Announces A Run For City Council's 2nd District

Robert Fox is the founding president of the Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association. He holds neighborhood meetings, but last Thursday he had an announcement for the community that he hopes will spark some change.

On June 13, Fox announced that his attempts to work with city officials in Long Beach have all failed, and that now he has now decided to run for the City Council. But that's not it... he's also planning to sue Long Beach.

Fox said that he's reached out to leaders in City Hall, as well as the Long Beach Public Works Department, but no one ever agreed to meet with him to discuss his concerns. One concern in particular that he wanted to address was the controversial project to cut down Broadway to add a bike lane.

So rather than being ignored, Fox decided he would try to take the seat from Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce next year instead.

“We need to have someone in that council seat that can say no,” Fox said. “I promise you, folks, I didn’t want to do this. I’m old. I’m 66 years old.”

Fox also told the community that he now has an attorney to sue the city of Long Beach, because he says the Broadway project violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and that the state Coastal Commission never actually approved the project.

“This is serious stuff,” Fox said. “The purpose of the government overall is to protect you and to make sure that you are safe. When the government fails at doing that, they’ve lost their purpose in life. If they’re making you frightened and putting danger in front of you, they’re not doing their job.”

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