Kansas Teen Survives Knife in Face in Freak Accident

A Kansas teen is counting his lucky stars after being rushed to the hospital with a 10-inch knife sticking out of his skull.

According to the mother of 15-year-old Eli Gregg, she heard a scream as her kids were playing outside.

“At first I thought it was just normal, and then he came to the door and when he opened the door it was just blood and he had a piece of metal in his face, and it was really shocking. I thought it was a metal rod, and then when he came all the way in the door I could see that it looked like a knife handle or something – and that’s what it was and my immediate thought was to call 911.”

Doctors who treated Eli say how lucky the boy was as the tip of the blade was pressing against his carotid artery, and if it was nicked he would have suffered major blood loss.

The blade was successfully removed and Eli should make a full recovery.

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