Corona Police Chief Vows Fair Investigation into Fatal Costco OIS

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Corona's police chief said today the investigation into an off-duty Los Angeles police officer's fatal shooting of a man inside a Costco store will take time and has been partially hampered by an inability to speak to all of the people involved.

Chief George Johnstone also vowed that although a police officer was involved in the shooting, his department will conduct a ``fair, impartial and thorough investigation.''

In a video posted online, Johnstone said investigators are speaking to witnesses and reviewing surveillance video from the store and other forensic evidence from the Friday night shooting.

``This has been the highest priority for our department from the beginning,'' the chief said. ``A significant amount of resources has been allocated to this investigation. There has been and continues to be a lot of work.

``Anyone who has seen the news footage can appreciate the chaotic scene our officers encountered upon arrival. For several reasons, including the need to interview numerous witnesses and review evidence, no arrest was made at the time of this incident. This investigation is complex and will take some time. Our investigation has been somewhat hindered by not being able to interview all the parties involved.

``Once all the evidence is compiled and evaluated, it will be presented to the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, which will ultimately determine whether to take further action,'' the chief said. ``There has been a significant amount of speculation on social media regarding this incident. Most of this information is erroneous and based on hearsay and speculation. This only serves to stir up the public's emotions. We understand the public's strong emotional reactions to the circumstances of this case. We assure you, our department is committed to conducting a fair, impartial and thorough investigation. We value our partnership with the community.''

Johnstone said he could not estimate when the investigation will be completed.

``This has been a traumatic few days for the Corona community,'' he said. ``For all the parties and witnesses involved, I deeply sympathize with what you are going through. If you are one of those impacted, please talk to someone or seek professional help.''

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