Alabama Police Bust 'Meth-Fueled Attack Squirrel'

When executing raids on homes of suspected drug dealers, law enforcement authorities need to be prepared for physical altercations, gunfire and oftentimes vicious guard dogs.

But narcotics investigators in Alabama have come across something they never have before: a "meth-fueled attack squirrel."

The squirrel was discovered on Monday during the search of a home, police say. Although the man they were actually after wasn't home, they did find the squirrel and 37-year-old Ronnie Reynolds.

He told officers the homeowner, 35-year-old Mickey Paulk, regularly fed the critter meth to "keep him aggressive."

Fortunately for officers, the squirrel was caged at the time of the raid. Officers arrested Reynolds and charged him with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and loitering at a known drug house, according to police documents.

The squirrel, however, got off easy -- on the advice of the Alabama Department of Conservation, officers just set the squirrel free...

So, there's a meth-fueled squirrel currently running around Alabama. AND on Twitter? Be careful out there.

Read the full report on Fox4.

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