UCLA Under Fire For Not Communicating Sexual Assault Accusations

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UCLA is now under fire for how they handled (or didn't handle) sexual misconduct reports about a gynecologist at the school.

In December 2017, a woman reported that Dr. James Mason Heaps had touched her genitals, fondled her, and even made sexual remarks to her during a gynecologist visit. UCLA officials were made aware of the incident and allegations, but never notified the public or restricted the doctors practice.

Heaps denied all allegations, and UCLA announced his retirement last June. But on Monday, criminal charges were placed against the doctor after 75 people contacted the school and claimed they too were victims of sexual assault.

“Everything was done for a medical reason,” his attorney Tracy Green said.

Heaps has pleaded not guilty of sexual battery. But others are not so convinced.

“We allege that James Heaps used his position of power and authority to abuse multiple women, and UCLA used its institutional authority to try to sweep his misconduct under the rug,” Jennifer McGrath, an attorney representing a victim said.

In 2015, the Hollywood Reporter listed Heaps as one of the top gynecologists and obstetricians in Los Angeles. Read the full report on the Los Angeles Times.

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