O.J. Simpson is Allegedly DM'ing Knife Emoji's

Oj Simpson is on Twitter and everyone is feeling some type of way about it. In true granddad fashion, O.J entered Twitterverse with a selfie style video letting the world know that his profile, @TheRealOJ32, is the absolute, unopposed real one and not to believe the other knock-off's.

I believe the words he used are, "now there's a lot of fake O.J. accounts out there so this one, @TheRealOJ32, is the only official one. So it should be a lot of fun. I got a lot of getting even to do."

It's only been three days since Mr. O.J. himself has been on Twitter and now hes already (ALLEGEDLY!) sending out knife emojis to parody accounts. I mean I get it, who wants a fake account out there spouting harmful message about themselves.

Apparently, a parody account that goes by @KillerOJSimpson and has nearly 1,500 followers received a direct message from the real O.J. asking him to take down his profile. When the parody account said 'no way,' things got emoji-violent. Check out the video below. Think it's real? Think O.J. is right to ask him to take it down?

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