Man Arrested In Florida For Burglary... Of Pool Floats

Booking Photo: Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Last week, police in Brevard County Florida arrested a man for burglary... But he didn't steal money, or jewelry, or electronics...

He stole pool floats.

According to the Palm Bay Police Department in Brevard County, “the city has been plagued with burglaries in which the suspect cuts the screen or otherwise enters a victim’s back pool deck area and steals only pool floats.”

Police say 35-year-old Christopher William Monnin, the man obsessed with the pool toys, has been caught and reported at least 13 times, just this year.

“Multiple victims indicated that they had been burglarized several times by this person but only reported it on the second or third burglary of their floats," the affidavit said.

After his arrest, officers found about 75 stolen pool floats at the vacant house Monnin was staying at.

According to the arrest report, the “defendant stated that he sexually gratifies himself with the pool floats instead of raping women.”

Check out the full story on the Miami Herald.

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