The Suburbs May Be Pushing Their Homeless Into Los Angeles


Photo: Getty Images

In the last week, reports have come out proving that the amount of homeless people in Los Angeles has done nothing but increase.

One of the issues may be that surrounding cities to Los Angeles are pushing their homeless out of their town and pushing them towards Los Angeles.

Councilmen Joe Buscanio and Mike Bonin are publicly fighting this idea from other cities. They've complained that neighboring cities are not complying with the U.S 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In case, you're unaware the circuit says that cities cannot stop people from sleeping on sidewalks if they lack enough housing or shelter beds.

Bonin and Buscaino are in the works with their lawyers to figure out a way to force these cities to either allow sidewalk encampments or offer better homeless services.

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Listen to John discuss this debate below:

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