Gov. Newsom's Budget Shows Democrats Are Fully In Control

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It's been less than a year and Gavin Newsom in office has been a complete mess.

One of Newsom's "accomplishments" is his proposal of a new state budget.

Here are some of the highlights (lowlights) of the new proposed budget suggested by Newsom and his Democrat heavy legislature:

A $1.7 billion income tax increase to finance a wealth redistribution program called the earned income tax credit.

Government funded health insurance for young illegal adult immigrants

A drinking water clean up effort funded by fees collected to reduce climate-alerting greenhouse gas emissions.

In any other legislative eras, these budget provisions would be considered failures.

But we're living in the era of the liberal Democrats. They are in firm control of the state Capitol and it's blatantly obvious they are controlling Gavin Newsom's term.

So who put these die hard liberal in office?

The voters.

In recent years, California has dealt with a large Democratic dominance due to the changing demographics. The nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California reported last year that 77% of likely Republican voters were white and only 23% people of color. Democratic likely voters were split evenly — 50% white and 50% people of color.

People moving into the state are changing.

It's impacting everything about California politics and its sad to watch.

The last thing this state needs to go through is another tax increase.

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