Towing In California Won't Be So Easy Anymore


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Well, it's a new week in Los Angeles.

So you know what that means. It's time for lawmakers to pass and propose stupid rules.

What is it this time you ask?

Well now they are trying to prevent California cities from towing vehicles left on the street for more than 72 hours.

Wait, what?

Now you're giving people the right to park wherever they want for however long they want.

It makes no sense.

Be sure to thank Assemblyman David Chiu for proposing this bill in Sacramento. More specifics of the bill include that cities can not impound cars with five or more unpaid parking tickets or registration that is six months out of date.

Thankfully not every councilman is on board with this bill.

“The idea that you’d just stop enforcing the 72-hour hold is completely unconscionable,” said Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who represents South L.A., saying it keeps parking under control in neighborhoods starved for street spaces.

Parking is already so limited in certain places, let's not forget to include the 16,500 homeless people who live out of their car.

This new bill would give them to park wherever they want and never have to move.

Plus, with the way Los Angeles tackles homeless. We know that number will only continue to rise.

For more information, please read here.

Listen to John and Ken speak with Kris Ankarlo on this new bill below:

They aren't happy.

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