Petition To Recall Mayor Eric Garcetti for Inaction On The Homeless Crisis

British Artist Chemical X Unveils His Controversial "Skid Rodeo Drive" Initiative In The Homeless Ghetto Of Skid Row Los Angeles

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Alex Datig is a political commentator and the Editor in Chief of Front Page Index, a political media news site. She's worked as a political adviser and consultant for more than 17 years, and has campaigned at the local and state level for campaigns, as well as candidates.

Now, she's working on a petition to recall the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. According to Datig, "Mayor Garcetti's inaction and lack of prioritization for the citizens of Los Angeles has caused third-world conditions, with disease breeding devastation on the homeless of Los Angeles who are forced to live in conditions that are a danger to all of the public health".

"In a recent statement, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called the crisis “heartbreaking.” What is heartbreaking is the second largest City in the nation has a Mayor who remains behind the scenes, instead making an aggressive effort to help the very citizens he took an oath not to harm," she wrote on the petition website.

Sign the petition here. Check out the Recall Website for more.

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