LAX Unveils CPR Training Kiosk

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A kiosk unveiled today at LAX allows travelers to learn hands-only CPR in about five minutes, according to airport officials.

“When emergencies occur, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death," said Keith Wilschetz, deputy executive director of emergency management and operations at Los Angeles World Airports. “We encourage all guests traveling through LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal to take a few minutes to use our new hands-only CPR training kiosks to learn the skills needed to save a life when someone is in cardiac arrest."

The kiosk -- the result of a partnership between LAWA, the American Heart Association, the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation and the CareMore Foundation -- is located near Gate 150 on the upper/departures level of the Bradley International Terminal. It has a touch screen with a short video that provides an overview of hands-only CPR, followed by a practice session and a 30-second test.

With the help of a rubber practice manikin, the kiosk gives feedback about the depth and rate of compressions, as well as proper hand placement -- both factors that influence the effectiveness of CPR.

Users can choose to do the training in English or Spanish, and with closed captioning.

“Every second counts when a person suffers a cardiac arrest, which is why bystander CPR must start immediately until professional help arrives, but bystanders may be reluctant to perform CPR because of lack of training or they may be fearful,” said Dr. John Harold, a cardiologist and president of the American Heart Association's Los Angeles Board of Directors. “The kiosks ... help the public acquire a comfort level with performing chest compressions without the stress of an actual medical emergency, so they'll feel empowered to spring into action if they witness a cardiac emergency."

There are an additional 35 kiosks across the country, 18 of which are located at airports.

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