Conway, Bellio and Bender (The Kittens) Need FOREVER HOMES!




The three cutest kittens (in the world) need your help... And perhaps, your home...

Just take a look at these three youngsters that were rescued off the 5 freeway on Memorial Day, and try not to fall in love.

Meet Timmy, Bellio and Bender:

This is Bender!

A sassy black and white male kitten that knows a LOT about the news.

He's also vegan, but if you feed him regular cat food we won't tell anyone...

This is Timmy!

A cream-colored male with the most beautiful blue eyes you will EVER see. (All thanks to Dr. Manger at Saddleback!)

While most kittens are scared of horses, Timmy absolutely loves them. But do NOT take him with you to the races! He's known around town to not double your money...

Ding Dong!

And last but not least, meet miss Bellio!

What up everybody!

Bellio is a black female kitten with green eyes. She's the smallest of the trio, yet undoubtedly the most chill.

Just look how CUTE she is here with Timmy and Bender!

All three kittens are siblings and approximately 7 weeks old. They're all affectionate, and love people and kids!

Timmy, Bender and Bellio have all received their first rounds of vaccinations and were issued clean bill of health by Sharp DVM.

Shoot an email over to if you're ready to find your new best friend!

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