Want Free Pizza? Just Put Your Phone Away!

Do you have trouble getting everyone off their phones at the dinner table? Well, we just might have found a (temporary) solution for that!

The Curry Pizza Company in Fresno is offering a new deal called the "Talk to Each Other Discount," and they promise to give you a FREE pizza if everyone at the table can make it through the meal without reaching for a phone...

Here's the rules:

Bring a group of four (or more) to the restaurant to participate.

When you arrive, the restaurant will check to make sure that everyone has a smartphone (and all are in service).

Then, they'll have you all put your phones away... Make it through the entire meal without any fatalities and the free pizza is yours!

Not interested in a free pizza? (Are you crazy???) No worries! The restaurant also has an option for customers to donate the pizza to the homeless.

According to Fox LA, The Curry Pizza Company has given away around 50 pizzas already.

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