"Mad Max" vs. "Mad Bum" Heats Up Dodgers-Giants Rivalry

"Mad" Max Muncy got all of that one.

And, in typical fashion, Madison "Mad Bum" Bumgarner wasn't too happy about.

Muncy did celebrate a little bit. He tossed the bat, took a few leisurely steps, and watching his bomb before starting his home run trot.


Because he hit the ball out of the STADIUM and into the OCEAN!

Why did Bumgarner get mad?

Well, because he's always mad about something.

Gary absolutely loves all of this! He's from the school of "good guy vs. bad guy."

What do you think?

Are you okay with this type of behavior?

Is this just fuel for the rivalry?

Or should they all just grow up a bit?

You know, just run the bases if you're Muncy and just focus on the next batter if your Bumgarner.

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