Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Russia is going to create its own Chernobyl series that blames CIA for disaster

9 - F.B.I. releases 22-page report on Big Foot hair analysis

8 - Newlyweds and 4 wedding guests arrested for breaking into school after wedding

7 - Florida man found naked in chicken coop after crashing stolen car and killing dog

6 - Florida man called 9-1-1 17 times in one week because he was lonely and wanted to talk to someone

5 - Rome is cracking down on rules, banning people from dressing up like centurions, messy eating, etc.

4 - New York actress puts out series of billboards to get Tyler Perry's attention

3 - Ranch Fire was started when a rancher drove a stake into the ground, causing a spark

2 - Two young women were hospitalized when they attempted to end their periods by vacuuming their vagina

1 - A Navy admiral under investigation for ‘free hugs,’ Twister games, and a margarita machine in his office

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