It Turns out that Glaciers Will Probably Not Be Gone by 2020

Cracker Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The National Park Service has had visitor signs around Glacier National Park saying that the glaciers would probably be gone by the year 2020.

Now, this prediction comes from the early 2000s when computer models projected that glaciers "will all be gone by the year 2020".

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) says, "Those signs were based on the observation prior to 2010 that glaciers were shrinking more quickly than a computer model predicted they would. Subsequently, larger than average snowfall over several winters slowed down that retreat rate and the 2020 date used in the NPS display does not apply anymore".

Now, the USGS says that all glaciers could be gone somewhere between 2030 and 2080.

Roger Roots, a blogger, claims that the signs are now more "nuanced". He says, "Almost everywhere, the Park's specific claims of impending glacier disappearance have been replaced with more nuanced messaging indicating that everyone agrees that the glaciers are melting".

To read more, check out this article from the Daily Caller.

Listen to John talk about it below!

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