#TechTalk: Drones, Downloads, & Dangers


Drone deliveries are coming!

According to AP News, Amazon plans to have drones making deliveries with self-piloted drones within the next few months.

Plus, these drones are super smart! They have the ability to avoid people and any other obstacles they may come into contact during a delivery.

Although it isn't certain when these drones will come out, we do know that they'll be able to fly 15 miles within 30 minutes while carrying packages up to 5 pounds.


Apple is shutting down iTunes!

But don't worry.

Your downloads aren't going anywhere.

Rather than keeping everything in one, very full place, all of your Mac products will have three apps: music, podcasts, and TV.

Honestly, it doesn't change too much. They're just reformatting their stuff.

And, according to CNBC, your gift cards will still work just fine.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5!


Now, "Dangers" might be exaggerating a bit...

There are a some people concerned about the radiation coming off of the new equipment, but according to Fox News, the FCC says that the new 5G equipment fits within the guidelines established by government agencies.

This new equipment won't look like the cell towers you're used to. Rather than a few tall towers scattered about, the 5G towers are actually pretty small. However, there has to be a lot more of them in order for the wireless network to operate at its maximum capabilities.

Why do we want 5G? Well, it could be about 100 times faster than 4G. Is that good enough for you?

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