Mayor Garcetti Has New AD's Against Him Surfacing Los Angeles

John and Ken saw a negative ad about Mayor Yoga Pants on television and needed more information of course.

So we spoke with Michael Trujillo, a political consultant, for Working Californians and get more information on the ADs.

Here's the official press release.

LOS ANGELES —Working Californians (WCA) unveiled new television and radio ads that will begin airing in Los Angeles today. The commercials underscore the high cost and impacts of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s recent Green New Deal policy proposal. The campaign, supported by a seven-figure ad buy, launched just a day after Working Californians debuted a similar digital campaign in San Francisco at the California Democratic Party State Convention.
As the housing crisis and homelessness worsen, Garcetti’s Green New Deal would eliminate thousands of jobs and raise power rates on local families. Garcetti’s new “green” taxes will worsen traffic, drive up the cost of gasoline, and come straight out of the wallets of millions of hard-working Angelenos.
“Many Angelenos live paycheck to paycheck and the cost of Garcetti’s proposals will have devastating consequences for Los Angeles families. Our coalition supports smart policies that will transition the City’s reliance on fossil fuels but these policies must protect middle-class jobs and everyday working people,” WCA spokesperson Michael Trujillo said. 
About Working Californians
Working Californians (WCA) is a not-for-profit research and advocacy organization made up of a diverse coalition of labor and community leaders, public policy experts and everyday working people. WCA works to create opportunities for business owners, local governments and labor unions to forge strong and mutually beneficial partnerships to rebuild Los Angeles.
For more information visit www.workingcaliforniansresearchfund.comand
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Jake Tapper SOTU clip: Tapper: “Homelessness is nearly up 50% in your city since you became Mayor according to the LA Times…”
Jake Tapper SOTU clip:Garcetti: “This is what people say is an unsolvable problem and I’m committed to solving it.”
Remember when Eric Garcetti pledged to END homelessness in LA?
A billion of our tax dollars spent and the crisis is worse than ever.
Now he wants “green” taxes on LA drivers and utility rate hikes on local families.
Let’s pump the brakes on Garcetti’s new taxes.
The only thing green will be money coming out of our wallets.
If you’re hearing this, chances are you’re stuck in traffic.
Now Eric Garcetti wants to make it worse.
Adding new “green” taxes on drivers.
Driving the price of gas even higher.
And replacing middle class jobs with low paying temporary labor.
LA gets more expensive.
Homelessness is worse than ever.
And Garcetti is back for more?
Let’s pump the brakes on Garcetti’s new taxes.
The only thing green will be money coming out of our wallets.
Remember when Eric Garcetti pledged to end homelessness in LA?
Now he’s back with new “green” taxes that will make LA more expensive and the housing crisis even worse.
Let’s pump the brakes on Garcetti’s new taxes.
The only thing green will be money coming out of our wallets.

Listen to John and Ken's conversation with Michael below:

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